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28 April 2009

A $19,000 export workshop and mentoring program in Swan Hill will improve the region’s export capabilities, jobs, investment and global competitiveness, Member for Northern Victoria Region, Candy Broad said today.

 “The Swan Hill region relies heavily on exports and it has many successful exporting businesses,” Ms Broad said. 

 “However, VECCI and local business networks have identified a need for intensive export training focussed on specialised export logistics, export contracts, export marketing and foreign exchange risk mitigation.

 “Swan Hill Rural City Council, the Swan Hill Business Network, Swan Hill Inc and the Swan Hill Young Professionals Network have supported the development of a workshop and mentoring project that will help regional businesses to better understand the global marketplace, work in collaboration and undertake trade in international markets.”

Regional Development Victoria (RDV) is fully funding the Swan Hill Region Export Workshop Project with a $19,000 grant out of its Advancing Export Opportunities program to VECCI (the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

The project comprises three export workshops and mentoring support.

Participating industries include wine, table grapes, citrus, almonds, stone fruit and a range of secondary manufacturing businesses.

The first of the three workshops, the Beginners Export Workshop will be held on Tuesday 19 May 2009 and is aimed at new or potential exporters. A second workshop on Tuesday 23 June 2009 will be held for existing exporters, and a third follow-up workshop on Tuesday 11 August 2009 is aimed at both new and existing exporters.

The Swan Hill Region Export Workshop Project incorporates individually tailored mentoring support for up to five export-ready companies.

 “Mentoring is a valuable aspect of the project which will provide the individual support needed to progress export activities and enable businesses to share their experiences with local network members, and potentially to create larger export chains,” Ms Allan said.

 “The Swan Hill Regional Export Workshop Project is a fantastic initiative all-round.

 “It will have immediate and longer-term benefits, both for local businesses who are completely new to exporting, and those who want to build on their expertise.

“It will improve global competitiveness, enhance industry innovation, develop niche market opportunities, support sustainable export, and generate new investment and jobs.

 “It will also create greater recognition of Provincial Victoria in the international marketplace.

 “Through Moving Forward the Victorian Government’s Advancing Export Opportunities program has been enormously successful in supporting exporters and in attracting investment and interest in strategic Victorian industries.

 “Moving Forward is the Victorian Government’s $502 million action plan to make Provincial Victoria a great place to live, work, invest and raise a family.”

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